How do you react when you hear the phrase “dysfunctional family”? Do you smirk and say, “Oh, man, I could tell you some stories”? Maybe you roll your eyes and think, “Christ, here we go with that ‘My daddy didn’t love me enough’ bullshit.” I used to do the latter; people use a bad childhood as a “Get Out of Responsibility Free” card, and even if they were actually from dysfunctional families, who gives a shit? Get over it and move on with your goddamn life, pussy.

But research says there are some very weird, specific and often annoying personality traits a person develops coming from a bad home, and once you know how to look for it, you see them everywhere. See if you recognize any of these people. Maybe you remember them from high school. Or, hell, maybe it’s you …

Cracked sometimes has some very illuminating articles for being a humor site that consists predominantly of boobs and making fun of idiots. For anybody who doesn’t understand, or would like to understand, certain behaviors certain people from chaotic backgrounds exhibit, this is an entertaining and informative read.

Particularly 2 and 1.

Oh, look, I have *all* of these traits. In high proportion.

uh oh

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